Friday, August 7, 2009


I finally finished the quilt top and backing of my Acoma Quilt. Unfortunately, it wasn't finished in time to get it to my quilter to do a custom long-arm quilting treatment, so took it to someone who can get it turned around in time for the quilt show by doing pantograph quilting.

Spent all day Tuesday wrestling with the large pieces of fabric that make up the top and backing. Trying to iron, clip stray threads, and run a lint brush over everything (there are huge deposits of cat hair as you can imagine) can wear a girl out. When I finally got that part done, I hung everything on a hanger without taking a photo first. By then, I was so ready to just ship it off to the quilter and out of my hair for a while. However, I love sewing bindings to my projects and look forward to that in a couple of weeks.

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