Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going Round in Circles

Now that I am waiting for my southwestern quilt to be quilted, I picked up one of my always waiting to jump in again projects – a circle quilt that looks like an orange peel design when completed.


This is the beginning of a “Less Than Traditional” quilt method promoted by Charlie Bement.  Her web page is located at http://quiltershaven.net/about.htm.  One of my quilt guild members brought this wonderful technique to our attention.

You start with a four patch, then sew around a circle traced on muslin (template is in Charlie’s patterns),  trim and turn making units that look like little round hot pads.  However, when you put them together,  the back looks like this

Circles Joined back

and the front looks like this.

circles joined front

Put a bunch together and voila!  You have a two-sided quilt that requires no quilting or binding!  It’s so fun and easy.  What more can you ask for?


  1. Did you insert batting before you turned up the sides of the circles? I have several of her patterns, but unlike you, i could NEVER get my circles to make squares....i never could understand why I couldn't! Too challenging for me, I guess?

    Sam in Middle TN


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