Thursday, August 13, 2009

Best Laid Plans


I had a doctor’s appointment in Fort Worth on Monday morning, so I thought I would just run by the Kimbell Art Museum after my appointment to see their most current exhibition. After the appointment I started driving toward the cultural district when and little tickle in the back of my mind said, “Isn’t the Kimbell closed on Mondays?” I thought, maybe not. My memory can play tricks on me.

I arrive at the entrance of the parking for Kimbell shortly thereafter.  However, since the parking is down in a “hole” below street level, I couldn’t see if anyone was parked there so I had to drive down into the parking area to check it out. Sure enough, no cars – not opened!

Then I had the bright idea I would swing by the Amon Carter Museum since I hadn’t been there in a while. Guess what? Closed on Mondays.


View of Fort Worth, Texas from the Amon Carter Museum. |Source= Photo by Joe Mabel |Date=28 January 2007 |Author=Joe Mabel |Permission=GFDL granted by photographer

Finally, I just gave up on seeing any art that day. As a consolation, I travelled a little bit further down the road to the Montgomery Street Antique Mall where there is a wonderful tea room.  If I can’t see the museums, I can enjoy eating a scone with loads of clotted cream. What a wonderful ending to a disappointing afternoon!

scone and tea

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