Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Uh Oh!

While cutting out my borders, trying to center motifs and be precise, I discovered that something wasn't right. The first one I cut, which is shown on the left of this picture, seemed okay until I compared it to my border "audition" photo. Uh oh! The orange stripe was in the wrong place. The correct border piece is on the right of the photo. The pyramid-like motifs have two different types of repeats that I didn't notice while laying the fabric on my cutting table.

There are only three groups of motifs in this 45" wide fabric in the yardage I ordered, so guess what? I had to order more fabric! Thank goodness Hancocks-Paducah still had it. It is on its way as I type. Should receive it early next week. In the meantime, I will measure, cut and sew my backing for this quilt.

This shirting fabric that I found at Lone Star House of Quilts reminded me so very much of some of the painting on Acoma pottery, it seemed perfect for my project. See the thin stripeing on this pot?

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  1. Love the quilts!!! Can't wait to see them "in Person"!!


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