Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hospitals Are a Drag Unless You Find a Friend

Last week, my faulty gastrointestinal system decided to revolt with a small bowel obstruction causing a visit to the ER and subsequent stay for four and one-half days. No food, no water for four of those days mind you. Just the old IV bag. Fortunately, the kink finally worked out and all is well. However, I'm not writing this to go on and on about my illness. The moral of this story is that one can meet quilters absolutely anywhere.

My husband brought me a couple of quilting catalogues that were laid on my bedside tray table. Marilyn W., the RN assigned to me, saw them and asked if I was a quilter. One thing led to another and we found that she was a quilter as well! We talked sewing, embroidery (her favorite), quilting, long-arms, etc. for hours during my stay. It made the misery much less miserable and I made a new friend.

In my absence that week, the flower beds and pots did not get watered so my old wash tub planter with lipstick salvia, Texas blue bells, and other small plants bit the dust. Of course, the Dusty Miller and variegated ground cover around it survived just fine. Oh well -- I must find more salvia to replant. I think Mom has some she will share!


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  2. I know this is an old post by now...but Marilyn is one of my best friends, and a wonderful nurse!


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