Thursday, June 11, 2009

Storms and Stuff

In addition to helping me with my sewing, Ranger likes to supervise my computer work. Here he is curled up in the basket that holds my bills that need to be paid located right next to my computer. I tell you, I couldn't do anything without him. Just wish he would pay my bills for me.

Wow, what a terrible rain and wind storm we had last night in North Texas! The electricity went out for a couple of hours. Talk about aggravating! We had to locate the candles and matches after we realized the lights would be out for a while. My husband and I talked for several minutes but finally I dug out my MP3 player and he located his battery operated radio and we listened to our own music (me) and sports talk (him) until the lights came back on.

It was really weird not being able to watch the televison, read, sew or anything else we like to do. I had to fight the urge to flip on the light switches whenever I entered a room carrying a candle. Habits are hard to break.


  1. And another storm rumbled through this evening. We got nearly two inches in about 45 miutes! Spring storms are running a little late this year, aren't they? I love your idea of "jazzing" up your bag.

  2. I just discovered your blog on Small Quilt Talk. Your little helper is so cute watching you.


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