Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I as fortunate to win this book (Baskets, Birds and Boughs) and some lovely fabric from the Quiltmaker magazine blog, Quilty Pleasures.

The fabric colors and the book are so in tune with my personal taste so I like them a lot.

Then the next week my Sweetie texted me from an antique store in Brownwood with a picture of four feedsack fabrics.  Yes, buy them I texted back.  I am really crazy about this turquoise and brown one, and

 also the abstract purple, violet and brown one on the left here.

The blue and red on the right reminds me of an EKG print out with all it’s squiggly lines.

I don’t cut or use the feedsacks.  I just collect them because it reminds me of my dear Granny who died when I was in the second grade.  She always made sure that Granddad bought feedsacks with the same cloth bag design so she could make complete skirts, dresses, or shirts on her treadle sewing machine.

That's all for now . . .


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful win!

    Beautiful feedsack finds!
    I love the look and feel of feedsacks.

  2. What a very fun book!! Love that cover quilt, congratulations!


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