Thursday, March 20, 2014


At a recent antique show in Fort Worth, Texas, Sweetie and I saw lots of cool old stuff, including quilts, but I didn’t take any pictures.  It was just so busy and crowded there was just no way to do it without being in someone’s way.  However, I bought the cutest little dirty clothes bag that you see below. It is embroidery on white fabric with the flower petals painted lilac.


There are little pockets at the top, one for dirty hankies and the other for dirty socks, then the slit midway down lined with green bias tape is the place to insert all the other dirties. It measures 21” x 26”.  It wouldn't hold many of my dirty clothes that's for sure.  Especially sweat pants!


It was the lady’s face, surrounded by purple flowers and green leaves that really caught my eye.  Her capped black hair and alluring face just grabbed me.  I don’t know when it was made but my guess is in the 1930s or 40s.  She is currently hanging on my design board in the sewing room so I can admire her before she’s folded up and put away with the rest of my collected linens.

This framed embroidered and appliqued pillowcase from the 1920s or 30s is displayed everyday in my bedroom.

pillowcase applique embroiderie

It was made by one of my great grandmothers and is a cherished possession to me.

Close Up

That’s all for now, but I have more LaGrange trip stuff for you next time.  Until then, may your bobbin always be full.
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