Saturday, January 4, 2014


On New Year’s Day, Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville revealed the layout for her mystery quilt named Celtic Solstice.  You can see her CS quilt HERE.  Based on her instructions, I laid out six blocks on my design wall to determine if I should go further.

6 blocks design board

It looks pretty good although this photo is a little darker than the actual blocks.  This is the scrappiest quilt I’ve made in a very long time.   Some of my yellows need to be a lighter shade so it can be contrasted more against the red I see.

Should I make more blocks and finish a small-sized CS quilt or should I just set these parts aside to use for another project?  I would need to make the parts to complete about 50 more blocks. I would like to know your opinion.

Thanks a million.
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  1. Keep going Donna, I love your scrappy version! If you are referring to the yellows in the pinwheel blocks, I agree with you about contrast on a few of them. All the rest of the blocks look great scrappy with enough contrast to maintain the design. Happy New Year!

  2. it all depends how well you like it. I would say you woulnd't be askign if you loved it. Ditch it if you aren't a fan.


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