Thursday, December 26, 2013


I am sewing along with Bonnie Hunter fans on her mystery quilt named Celtic Solstice.  We are currently working on Clue 4 which are 4-patches.

Clue 4 4-patches
Six stacks of 5 blocks each

This is a total of 30 units for 4-patches that are 3 1/2” square unfinished.  That is only 1/4th of the total required for this quilt but I’m making them in smaller quantity so that I can be sure that I want to make the larger quilt after all the parts are published published.  If not, I will make a smaller version or incorporate the blocks into different arrangements in other quilts.

All of these blocks were made from my scraps stash.  For some reason I had larger pieces of blue than I did red even though red is my favorite color.  I need to sort out and throw away a lot of the smaller giblets of fabric from my red scraps drawer.  My philosophy on saving scraps changed a few years ago when I discovered that my boxes were overflowing and the pieces were too small.  Now, it has to be at least 3” both directions before I’ll save it.

red blue scraps
The red and blue scrap drawers
after making these blocks!

The next clue, No. 5, will be posted on Bonnie’s Quiltville blog page on Friday.  However you can join in any time.

I am linking this blog post with the others on her blog who are sharing photos of their ongoing progress.  Check it out to see all the different colors and fabrics being used by the participants.

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  1. Nice red and blue 4-patches! It is great to see all the different colour selections people are using.


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