Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I came to the realization today that I had a couple of deadlines approaching so I better hop to it on a couple of quilts.
The baby shower invitation in today’s mail reminded me that I needed to make a crib quilt by September 7 for my nephew and his wife so I dug into my stash for fabric I’ve purchased and set aside for just such instances and came up with an easy project.
rachel baby q
They are expecting a little boy.  I love the little boy swimming along the bottom of this beach-themed fabric.  Then I found the blue fabric on the right top that works perfectly with the focus fabric.  It has sand pails and scoops scattered all about.  That will be the backing fabric and possibly as part of pinwheels (using the tiny polka-dot on the bottom right) on the top and bottom to lengthen the quilt to make it crib size.
I also owe a Christmas-themed table topper for my aunt.  I’ve pulled the fabric from my stash for this one as well.
amy tt w block
The block pattern is on the far left.  The red/green/beige fabric is for the border and the others as part of the block.  That is unless I start sewing and placing parts on the design board and find out that I don’t like it that much, then I’ll have to dig around in my stash again.
Now there is a lot of ironing to do.  I automatically wash all my fabric the minute I walk into the house following a shopping spree just to remove all the dust and chemicals from it before I put it away.  I save the ironing for when I pull the fabric from the stacks for use on a project.  There is no sense ironing it any earlier because it just gets wrinkled and crease on my shelves.
By the way, if you wonder why I close my blogs with a reference to full bobbins, this might explain it.
when bobbin runs out
An all too frequent occurrence for me.  So I close with this wish, may your bobbin always be full.
a red Signature
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  1. Hi Donna, deadlines are truly a motivator for me as well. Our daughter's baby was due on June 2 and I was flying over to the UK to help her. I had promised a quilt for the baby (boy or girl) and settled on an Owl quilt. I sewed constantly for one week and I was able to hand the quilt over to her on my arrival...she had a boy (10 lbs 1 oz, I might add).
    Cheryl, happily planning her next quilt.


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