Wednesday, June 26, 2013


While visiting Albuquerque we stayed at the Monterrey Motel on historic Route 66 near Old Town Albuquerque
Motel Rt 66
This is our photo taken at nightt
when the neon sign was lit.
A remodeled vintage motor hotel (motel) from a bygone era.  It was nice, clean, and conveniently located to several things that we visited.  We were told it was only a few blocks walk to Old Town.  Heck, who wants to walk back home after shopping and walking around Old Town!

Here are pictures of some vintage postcards that picture this motel in it’s past history:

monterey court postcard approved lodging
monterey court interior
Thank goodness the interior no longer
looks like this.  Oh my!
monterey court postcard

Based on the car under the awning and the chenille
bedspreads, this appears to be from the 1960s.
If you want to take a trip back in history to the motels that populated Route 66/Central Avenue in Albuquerque, visit HERE.  I would have loved to seen all the neon signs lit up like the old days.  Although there were many abandoned motels currently along this stretch of Route 66, there are many more that were remodeled and reopened.

DSCN1512      DSCN1515

The poppies in front of some Old Town businesses were in full bloom.  Blooming plants were everywhere, most of them whose names I do not know.


I just love blooms!  Any blooms.

In Santa Fe at the Museum of International Folk Art, we saw an exhibit about the history of chocolate.  Isn’t that an amazing subject?  But the main attraction at that museum for me was the Plain Geometry Amish Quilts exhibition.  I’ll show you pictures of those quilts next time.

In the meantime, may your bobbin always be full,a red Signature
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  1. Hi Donna. I just found your blog and I from Texas as well. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. We love to visit New Mexico I will have to tell hubby about this. I am your newest follower hope you will stop by for a visit.

  2. Boy, I used to collect old postcards like that. I must have given up on them a while ago. Love the flowers -- so very bright. And I'm looking forward to the Amish quilts. Nice things to see at the museum chocolate and quilts!

  3. Argh. I just left a comment which may or may not come through. Great that you are seeing chocolate and quilts. I used to live close to Route 66 inCalifornia


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