Thursday, May 23, 2013


After all the heart wrenching tragedies that have occurred in the world recently, including the Boston bombing, the West, Texas explosion, and horrible tornadoes in Granbury and Cleburne, Texas, it’s time to look at the positive events of life.

First, my husband and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary on May 18.  Actually we celebrated it the next day because we did so much work around the house on the 18th we were too tired to go out that evening.  That’s what getting older will do to you.


I am the luckiest woman in the world.  We’ve been through a lot of things together over these 39 years, and we love each other more today than ever.  Our theme song is sappy but the words are so true, it is Look At Us by Vince Gill.  Click HERE to hear and watch it in a You Tube video.

Next, my great niece Emma celebrated her one year birthday on May 22nd.

Emma on May 22, 2012
emma face

Emma on May 22, 2013
1 year old eating cake

What a difference a year makes.
I’m an extremely proud and happy wife and great aunt!
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  1. Congratulatons on your 39th anniversary!! It is quite an achievement considering all that life throws us!!! I hope you two have another 39 years together!!!! Such a sweet little baby photo, but the one a year on is magic!!!!!

  2. It's wonderful to have such blessings in our lives! Congratulations on your 39th Anniversary! Happy 1st Birthday to your beautiful grand-neice too!

  3. Congratulations - 39 years is a great achievement.

  4. That's wonderful!! Congratualtions, I think you should celebrate the rest of the year too!
    Sweet little girl - what a fun cake she had!


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