Monday, May 27, 2013


Over the past year and a half, I conducted genealogy research on my family and learned about the tragic death in France during World War 1 of James (Buster) Biggs, my half-first cousin twice removed.  He was 22 years old.
Biggs Airfield is located on Fort Bliss, which is in El Paso County TX --- the extreme westernmost corner of Texas. " On 25 January 1925 the field was officially named "Biggs Field" in honor of Lieutenant James Berthes "Buster" Biggs, an Air Service officer from El Paso killed in World War I. Lt. Biggs was an El Paso native killed in a plane crash 27 October 1918 at Beltran, France. On June 30, 1926 the original Biggs Field was closed and Camp Owen Beirne was renamed Biggs Field" -- source: Wiki. Read more at: ALSO SEE: which says, "On January 25th 1925 the War Department officially named the field for LT. James Berthes "Buster" Biggs. Biggs was a native El Paso aviator who had been killed in 1918 when his plane crashed at Belrain, France. Lt James Berthes Biggs, left an El Paso bank to enlist at Leon Springs in May, 1917. He was commissioned a short time later and sent to France with other air officers. Lt Biggs met his death on October 20, 1918, after serving meritoriously with the American troops."
Today I honor him as well as my Grandfather Eric Lomax (WWII) for their service to our country.
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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, thankyou for sharing James' story! How nice that he has been honoured in this way! My family lost one young soldier during WW1 as well, on the fields of Frommells in France.


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