Saturday, March 23, 2013


As part of my outing in Fort Worth a couple of weeks ago, my Sweetie and I visited the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame to the a quirky quilt exhibit called Off the Wall:  Maverick Quilts.

maverick quilts poster

It paid tribute to unorthodox quilting designs with quilts dating from 1800 through 1950.  Basically, it featured quilt designs that are usually set in time-honored traditional ways but these maverick quilters set them in their own unique arrangements.

Photography of the quilts was prohibited so I can only refer you to various pictures covering the show located on the Internet except this one I took of the Museum building exterior.

Cowgirl Museum facade

The exhibit ends March 31st and I don’t want anyone to miss it if they possible can see it.
Julie Silber of The Quilt Complex is one of the curators of this exhibit.  You can read the description of their exhibit and see some of the pictures on the Quilt Complex webpage HERE.

Specifically, I refer you to --

A video of Julie Silber talking about the exhibit at

The header on the museum’s Facebook page at

A video of Julie Silber discussing and  showing some Lone Star quilt variations

A video of Julie Silber discussing and showing Album quilts

Garfield’s Monument at has pictures of some New York Beauty quilts that are in the exhibit as well as photos of a wonky star quilt, a beautiful red, white and black delectable mountains variation, free form log cabin sampler, and more.

Photos on Pinterest at

One of my favorite red & white quilts at

A focus on various hexagon quilts at

Mostly pictures of attendees at the exhibit preview party but quilts can be seen as well in most:

There are many more quilts such as 9-patches, delectable mountains, crazy quilts, log cabins and the like,  but that was all I had time to find on the Internet.  I hope you will check out each page to get a better understanding of the beautiful, unique quilts exhibited.
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  1. Hey Donna,
    This is a great post with all those references you dug up. I have enjoyed the back ground material you have hunted up. Tomorrow, I will go enjoy the quilts!

  2. What a wonderful exhibition, and thankyou for all those links, really interesting stuff!!!! It just goes to show, there is no such thing as an ugly quilt, just quilts with lots of character, the makers must have been really interesting people!!!!! Wish they'd send this exhibition to Australia!!!!!

  3. That sounded like a great exhibit. I'll follow up some of the addresses to see even more. I hate when they won't allow photos. Bummer. But, I guess it makes some sense. Did you by chance design your own blog header? HOW did you do it and with what!!!!? It is great.


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