Saturday, January 5, 2013


winterLet me take just a brief moment to complain.  I HATE cold weather.  All I want to do is stay close to the fireplace.  And those of you who live in much colder climes than north central Texas and shouting – you don’t know what cold really is sister!  I know it’s not cold by those standards but this is the only climate I know having lived here 45 years after living in west and south Texas for about 15 years.
However, I must say I really enjoyed the white Christmas in 2012. Couldn’t tell you the last time that happened here.
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On the other hand, extreme heat doesn’t agree with me either.  But there are enough mild, pleasant days throughout the year that I can happily say I’m happy to live here.  That is as long as the central heat and air are working!
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  1. I ever agree with you! and I have lived in Alaska!! I am ready for spring!!!

  2. Too funny. In Mi we complain when it's too hot and then we complain it's too cold. But it is nice having the change of seasons here.


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