Monday, January 14, 2013


Imagine my surprise when my telephone rang and it was my good friend Charlotte S. telling me she was visiting from Temple, TX and asking me out to lunch along with our buddy Donna W.  I totally forgot to take their picture at the Mexican Inn where we had lunch.  Darn it!  But the food was good.


Last week’s block in the Grandmother’s Choice project hosted by Barbara Brackman really threw me for a loop.  Instead of calling it Old Maid’s Ramble, I referred to it as Contrary Old Maid!  All the bias edges in the pieces made for an awful mess of waves and stretch although I starched the fabric before cutting and tried to be gentle with the iron.  Not to mention the correct direction of the darks and lights in the block.  Yikes!  It came out so ugly that I won't put the picture in my blog or anywhere else but the trash.  A lesson in humility.

Therefore, I decided to redo the Ramble by using the paper piecing patterns I printed from my Electric Quilt 5 program.That will stabilize the fabric in the block thus keeping everything properly in line.

Oh so glad that this week’s block is pretty simple – the Memory Wreath also known as the King’s Crown.  Yippee!

chocolate and quilting
a red Signature
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  1. It's good to connect with old friends and lunch look like it was yummy. I am going to be at Trinity Valley this Friday, are you going?

  2. I heard you Donna! I hate frustrating projects! Ha Ha I copied your quilt picture.


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