Monday, December 3, 2012


Finally, the Hurricane Sandy relief “Pink & Green Monster” quilt is finished!!!!!!  Of course I had to wash and dry it to remove whatever fluff Ranger got on it.  It came out just right.  It’s a twin size, quilted with polyester batting that I had on hand.


Now it’s mailed to New Jersey

and outta here!  I bet they will know it came from Texas just looking at the box.  It’s a Tony Lama ranchin’, ropin’, ridin’ boot box.  Yeeeee Hawwwww!

Cleaning up the mess in the sewing room is the next order of business so I can get back on the Grandmother’s Choice blocks.  I’m about five behind and have some catching up to do.

It feels good to get finished and off to a kid in need!
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  1. Nice finish for Sandy victims, it will be someones special quilt for sure. Love the box, hard to part with that.

  2. What a good reason to be late with the grandmothers choice blocks, i on the other hand have no such good reason to be the same five blocks behind. Ah well i guess its not a race, we will get there in the end... hopefully

  3. What a wonderful quilt and such a fabulous cause!
    I'm sure this quilt will be greatly loved and appreciated!

    Wishing you and your family great Joy this Holiday Season!

  4. the quilt is adorable! I love the box! thank you for doing this
    there are so many here in NJ that need so much help, this quilt is going to bring some little girl a lot of comfort.

  5. Good for you Donna! I'm sure your quilt will be greatly appreciated!!! All the very best to you for the Festive Season!!


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