Friday, September 28, 2012


I’ve been in a blogger’s funk the past week so I decided to share with you this darling doll bed my mom found on the curb in a neighbor’s trash a few years ago.  She’s had it in storage until she heard that I was asking my Sweetie and his Dad to make me a little bed. 

This one needed a little TLC – some of the rails were loose and the bottom was missing.  Sweetie cleaned and fixed her right up.  Now she’s the home for some of my little doll quilts and a cloth doll that my aunt made for me in the 1980s.

doll bed 3

If you want a good laugh, visit The Boomer Babes HERE on You Tube singing a medley of songs about aging using Beatles’ songs.  It’s a hoot!

Speaking of aging, both Sweetie and I got smartphones on Monday, replacing the old cell phones we’ve had for over 4 years.  Our old phones were so old that our contact lists could not be transferred to the new SIM card.    So we’ve been hunting and pecking and stumbling around on them trying to learn all the good stuff.  Very intimidating but kind of fun to learn something new.  Have to stay up for a challenge every once in a while.

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  1. What a darling vintage baby bed! Your little quilts look beautiful tucked inside!
    Hope you get the hang of those smartphones quickly. I'll bet your going to love them soon enough.

  2. Darling little doll bed, perfect to show off your quilts. I always say "Most people have a smart phone, I have a Stupid Phone." Mine must be around four years old also.

  3. Hi I went to Trinity Valley quilt guild show today. did you have any quilts entered? It was a good show!


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