Friday, June 29, 2012


The Texas Ranger baseball team are still playing fairly well and are 4.5 games ahead of everyone in their American League division.  Go Rangers!

baseball pitcher

And, our resident Rowdy Ranger (the Maine Coon cat who lives at our house) is ahead too.  In the last three days the accumulated score is:
Ranger    4
Crickets  -2
Lizards   -2

ranger close up (1)

I just wish he wouldn’t bring his "trophies" into the den to share with me – dead or alive.  That darn Ranger!
a red Signature
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  1. you won someone's book giveaway and the computer ate who it was before I could verity.... packwood was in the title...... big help....maybe Ranger can help you scroll through your blogs...

    1. Thanks Mimi. It was Ann Hermes' blog that had the announcement. It's a publication about Pennsylvania Quilts from the Packwood Museum collection. Cool, huh?


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