Saturday, June 2, 2012


I went on a quilt book buying spree during the month of May.  Don’t know what came over me exactly except I just love books and quilts so put the two together . . .
Anyway, here they are in no particular order:

ameerican qs democratic art 1780 to 2007

Great quilt history from 1760 to 2007.

civil war legacies hopkins

Never had any patterns from Carol Hopkins but this book intrigued me.  I think it was mainly the quilt on the cover.  I loved that block so much I immediately made one, a whopping 3 1/2” square.


I call it “darting bird”.  Can’t remember what if anything it was called in the book and I’m too lazy to get up and check it out right now.

southern quilts ramsey waldvogel

I’ve had the Southern Quilts book (published in 1998) on my Amazon Wish List for two or more years now, waiting for a copy that was cheaper that the almost $50 they were going for then.  One finally came up and I bought it.  So glad I did.

civil war ann qs

I told you guys about this one earlier.  Rosemary Youngs is currently hosting a block of the week from The Civil War Anniversary book so check out her Yahoo Group called Civil War Diary Quilt for instructions and shared experiences.

That’s all for now except for this funny sign courtesy of Tara Lynn Darr of Sew Unique Creations’ Facebook.

running w scissors
a red Signature
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  1. Thank you , hope that some of your followers join us in making Civil War blocks.

  2. Great selection of books. I don't have any of those...hmmm. I love the darting bird block you made, just my size.

  3. Wonderful books, lots of inspiration in these to keep you busy. With so many great CW quilt books being released this year it is hard to choose.


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