Saturday, June 23, 2012


The first triple digit temperature day is forecasted for tomorrow.  As long as my air conditioner keeps working that’s fine with me.  Oh – and my television and sewing machine too.  Hate for them to break down under any circumstances.
I’ve been watching parts of my favorite Pride & Prejudice film starring Colin Firth.   It was made in 1995 by the BBC in six parts.  In my humble opinion, he’s still the best Darcy!

You can watch a film clip of the famous sexy Darcy swimming in the lake scene on You Tube HERE.  Be still my beating heart.

After much Internet surfing and searching, I finally found almost two yards of the Morris & Co. Tapestry fabric by Barbara Brackman for Moda.   The colors are much richer than they appear in my photographs.

strawberry thieves lg
The pattern is called “Strawberry Thieves.”

Here is a closer look at the strawberries and the thieves in question.
strawberry thieves

Haven’t done any sewing this week which is unusual for me.  There are four more new Just Takes 2 blocks published for the June 15 series, plus I have two of the older blocks from a ways back that need to be completed.

Sew -- I guess I’ll go to my sewing room now and quit messing around with this darn blog!
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  1. I love that movie too and I agree. . .he is the best Darcy.

  2. It WAS a great series when it was televised here several years ago! The British do these classics so well!!!

  3. Beautiful fabric--------Ohhhhh Darcy.


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