Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Block 35 – called English Ivy -- of Just Takes 2 project is done.

blk 35 english ivy

I believe all the points are going in the right direction and all the pieces are in correct order.  Just in case, I’m waiting several hours before I post this blog entry so I can look at it again with rested, clear vision. 

The next JT2 block I’ll work on will be a machine appliqued one just for a little change of pace.  The paper piecing is getting easier now that I’m doing it more often and get into a “groove.”

I’m noticing that the areas on my blocks where several seams intersect, I’m getting a whitish smudge when pressed.  I’m wondering if it is because my iron sole plate needs to be cleaned or if the Best Press sizing is building up there leaving a residue when I press the fabric.  Maybe I’m spraying it on too thick.  Any ideas?



  1. Very pretty block Donna! I've always loved this block pattern and you've pieced your's so lovely.

  2. Your block looks terrific!
    Take a look at the sole plate and you'll be able to tell if it needs cleaning or not.


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