Saturday, April 7, 2012


I remember Easter as a time for a new dress, hat and shoes to wear to the Easter Sunday services.

Easter 1960

This picture taken Easter Sunday in about 1960 shows my Dad, Mom, little sister and me (I’m the one on the first row right side with a goofy grin on my face) all decked out for church.  Looks like Sis and I got some new purses to match too.  Of course, the hats didn’t stay on for long and we probably lost our purses somewhere, but this is how I remember it.

I share this cute vintage postcard with you and wish you all a joyful Easter.

               Post card courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

Sew long for now,


  1. What a cute picture! Those were the days when little girls looked like little girls LOL!!!
    Hope you are having a lovely Easter holiday!!!

  2. How sweet - a wonderful picture. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Easter to you too, and happy spring ;-)

  3. Happy Easter to you! Have a beautiful day!


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