Friday, February 3, 2012


I've got problems.  All kinds of problems.  I wish I could fix them but I can't.

First of all, as a belated birthday present I got shingles on my right forehead.  At first I thought it was an insect bite but by the third day I knew something wasn't right so I went to see the doctor.  She took one look and said you've got shingles.  Shingles!  I would never have guessed that in a million years.  I am now taking an anti-viral medication and occasional pain pill to get me through this mess.  Currently I'm at the blistering stage (gross!) waiting for that to crust over and start healing (double gross!).

Next problem.  My computer got a virus in early December that we couldn't get cleaned out completely.  A message kept popping up that I was not running authentic Windows 7 and could not receive updates.  The computer tech worked on it and I worked on it but nothing made that message go away.  So I had to upload my Windows 7 program again which created another set of problems that we are trying to work out.  The internet works fine but I can't print, type a word document, locate any of my pictures, or download anything else.    Argh!

I had some additional photos from Jefferson of antique quilts from the various antique shops that would have been of interest but I don't think I will get those back.    My last back up was Wednesday of last week and I didn't upload the photos until Monday of this week.

Anyway, now that I've vented, I feel a little better.  Sorry to dump it onto all of you.  You will understand it I don't manage to get another blog entry posted within the next week.  The computer gremlins need to be exterminated.

I managed to complete the quilting and binding of my 12 Day of Christmas quilt and will post a photo later.  I'll go back to sashing the Civil War quilt now.

Onward I go --                                                  Donna


  1. Hope everything is looking up...take a deep breath...breath in all that frustration...and just let it out. Can't wait to see your Civil War quilt...I hope to buy the fabric for the sashing this weekend.

  2. Awww...feel better soon.
    Take it easy too - shingles are painful!
    Take care!

  3. So sorry to hear about the shingles! They can be just miserable!! I had a case of them several years ago! And....venting is good for the soul! So vent on! Computer troubles are the pits, aren't they!

  4. I wish you all the very best: a few years ago a member of my family suffered from shingles, it was awful!!! One half of the face was swollen and blisters all over, he had to go to hospital!! Take care of your eyes, they can be infected too!!! It's not one of the nicer illnesses... I suffered from it as a little girl... I hope it won't be too bad, get better soon!!!

  5. Oh goodness! Donna, not a good week at all. Getting shingles can be a sign that you are stressed, and yes, as a previous commenter says, keep your hands away from your eyes!! I hope your computer troubles get sorted soon, we have come to rely on them an awful lot! Hopefully by the time of your next post you will feel a lot better and be back online without any issues! Take care!!

    1. poor Donna, i do hope all your woes recover soon. Shingles nasty, lets hope you got the anti-virals soon enough. I shall look forward to see your completed projects

  6. oh I hope you get better soon, I feel so bad for you.
    I hate computer problems hopefully they will be sorted out soon as well....
    at least your quilting and making progress thats a good thing!

  7. Boohoo! I hope you feel better real soon! And really, listen to the above comments about your eyes! That can get VERY nasty!!!

  8. So sorry to hear you have Shingles AND computer problems too! I wish you a speedy recovery and no more computer problems! Take care!

  9. First and foremost please get well soon!!


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