Friday, January 6, 2012


Although I am dealing with bronchitis or a very bad case of allergies, I managed to finish the top of the 12 Days of Christmas quilt.
 Since it is so small, I was able to sew on it a little while then rest, then sew some more, then lay down, then sew some more all in 15 to 20 minute intervals throughout the day. I will quilt it on my home sewing machine, but not until after I finish the sashing and binding of the Friendship HST quilt.
 I'm a huge Stephanie Plum fan - a series of books written by Janet Evanovich - and find this quote hilarious. It's just a taste of the wacky sense of humor Evanovich uses in her writing.

Janet Evanovich

A funny quote from the book High Five:  Grandma Mazur came to live with my parents several years ago when my grandpa Mazur went to the big poker game in the sky. My mother accepts this as a daughter's obligation. My father has taken to reading Guns & Ammo.
Looking forward to seeing the first Stephanie Plum movie named "One For the Money" coming soon - later this month I think.

Now I think I’ll take my achy body to bed.
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  1. Your quilt looks great. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I love your mystery quilt. Your fabrics are wonderful.

  3. Your little 12 Days... project looks great!!! I finished sewing mine up yesterday too, and will post about it soon!!! I'd love to do one in Christmas fabrics as well!
    Hope you are starting to recover!!!

  4. too cute! -- Woop! Woop! I enjoy the Stephanie Plum books too. I was so happy the newest was better than the one before. I've seen the ads for the movie -- unfortunately the actors don't match the people in my head. But, I'll either go to see it or wait and rent it.

  5. Love the quilt... very nice. Hope you feel better soon, Happy quilting.

  6. Your 12 Days looks lovely Donna :) I hope you feel better soon.

  7. I sure hope you are feeling better! I have read all the Stephanie Plum books - looking forward to the movie!

  8. Hope you are feeling better Donna! Your 12 days of Christmas quilt is wonderful....I am still working on mine!
    I am new to your blog and will visit you again...soon!

    Carolyn :)


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