Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Let me just say, this one was tough!  Lots of seams, lots of bias, and lots of parts that ended up not measuring 8 1/2” square after all was said and done.  As I said on the Civil War Quilt Flickr page, this one will probably be subject to lots of steam, stretching, and pulling to work it into submission for a 8 1/2” on all sides, not just one.

44 Union

I like my instructions to include what each section “should” measure as I go along so it can be corrected before it gets to the end.    Unfortunately, my math skills are pitiful and I can’t figure it out myself unless it all breaks down to quarter, half, or three-fourths increments.  This one had a bunch of 1/8ths and 7/8ths.    Oh well, I’m not the only one.

Here are all the blocks laid out on the design board as of November 1.  This is not how I plan to place them when sewing the top together and they are not in any kind of order.

CWQ Nov 1

My little helper didn’t help me with this week’s block. He was too busy laying on another quilt I made over 8 years ago. It was my first completed one. There are a LOT of butchered corners in this one. Doesn’t bother him! It’s soft and that’s what’s important on a cool autumn evening.

Ranger on my Q

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  1. Your blocks are wonderful - they look so great on your design wall! Your kitty is beautiful too!

  2. Your Civil War quilt is really coming along....I see an entry in Quilt Show 2012!!! Beautiful!

  3. Oh, but your block looks fabulous! I love the cheddar in the corners! I know I will be arranging and rearranging all my blocks when we finally get them all done. It will be fun!

  4. Your block turned out very well!!! and all your blocks together look wonderful!!! I decided to foundation paper piece mine, because of all the odd measurements, I really didn't want my brain to melt too much LOL!!!!!

  5. I love seeing the blocks all together. It is going to be an amazing quilt!

  6. Wow, your design wall picture - great collection of blocks!
    Sweet kitty napping on your quilt ;-)

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  8. hello!
    I mamifleur, a friend of CWQ, and I wanted to tell you that your quilt is beautiful!


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