Saturday, September 10, 2011


Since I was out of town part of last week and most of this week, I didn’t get my Civil War Quilt block of the week made until Friday.

36 Kentucky Crossroads

This Kentucky Crossroads pattern is super easy and lots of fun to make.  Fussy cutting the blue wavy strips was the hardest part and that wasn’t really tough at all.  This time I used very little of my red star on cream background fabric just to be a little different.  is block would be gorgeous throughout a complete quilt.  This block would be gorgeous throughout a complete quilt.

I have the pattern for the next block, Confederate Rose, but haven’t tackled it yet.  I’m waiting to see if American Homestead comes up with an easier, non-template method before tackling it.  Templates are not my thing when it comes to piecing.  Don’t mind them for applique but not for piecing????  Not when I have a rotary cutter and a ruler.

I’ve just finished editing and organizing the vacation photos so I will start posting about our trip next.
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  1. Your Kentucky Crossroads looks great, this week's block looks difficult Lets hope American Homestead or Lillian's Cupboard comes up with an easier way or I might just make another Kentucky Crossroads.

  2. Great looking block! I hope to make the Confederate Rose block soon. I don't think you would have to use templates, but you would have a different seam pattern.


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