Friday, September 9, 2011


My Sweetie and I took a vacation trip to Denver, Colorado last week and returned Wednesday evening.  I’ve been so busy washing clothes, catching up with emails and blogs, and just plain resting that I haven’t felt like posting on my blog.  I don’t have any photos for you yet – I took about 221 pictures which have been uploaded to my computer but I haven’t gone through them yet to edit, etc.  When that task is completed, I’ll show you just a few of them.  I promise not to post all 221 photos.  That’s more than anyone but me want to see.

Let’s just say that the cooler temperatures were wonderful!  We even had to put on jackets a couple of mornings.


We did our best to bring some of that cooler weather back to Texas with us and it looks like we succeeded.  It’s about 88 degrees this afternoon.  Yee Haa!  Now if we could just get some rain!  Guess I’ll have to do a rain dance.


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