Monday, July 11, 2011


Good (or bad) Next Door Neighbors:

Block #28, Next Door Neighbors
I dug into my Jo Morton fabrics box for the blue and gold in this block.  I starched the heck out of the fabric before cutting and sewing it together to reduce the chances of stretching the many bias edges too much.  It came out measuring 8 1/2" - I got lucky!  My little design board is full and we've done only 28 of the 52 blocks.  I guess I'll have to start pinning them to my wall or something.  I want to admire all of the blocks as we go along!

History Repeated was indeed available at the meeting on Saturday, so I was able to get Carol to sign a copy of this book for me.  (See my blog entry for more info about and photos of the book here.)  The quilts are gorgeous plus they featured more than one setting for the blocks.  Both Carol and Betsy deserve a big pat on the back for a job well done.  I highly recommend you get a copy if you love 19th century patchwork quilts and their repros.  You will love it!

Carol and Betsy, we want more!!!!!!

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  1. Lovely block Donna! I have just finished my to and posted it to flickr, I love the variety of fabric combinations people chose for this block!!!


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