Friday, July 8, 2011


Saturday is the day for our monthly meeting of the Quilt History Society group at Cabbage Rose in Fort Worth.  Our leader is Carol Staehle, one of the authors of a new book called History Repeated: Block Exchange Quilts of the 19th Century Patchwork Divas.  I’m hoping that Cabbage Rose has her book in stock by now because I am just dying to own it and to get Carol’s autograph in it.


Her co-author, Betsy Chutchian, a wonderfully sweet lady as well, are members of a group of talented women who have been making exchange blocks as part of the 19th Century Patchwork Divas for a number of years.  I’ve seen many of their outstanding quilts in person during class and at quilt shows, including the Houston International show.  This book features patterns for several of those quilts made from those exchanges.  To read more about it, go to the publisher’s site here.  For a look inside the book, click here.  You can buy a copy from Amazon or preferably your local quilt shop, I’m sure.

Things are back to normal at the house.  No more crazy banging on the roof so Ranger is back to his usual pestering self showing no signs of mental trauma.  He is a very vocal cat.  Sometimes too vocal, but we talk together all the time.  My little furry companion.

"If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love." — Maya Angelou   I include my cat as a person I love, too.


  1. I have ordered this book too and can't wait to pour over the pages!

  2. you won't be disappointed!!!!! can you say AMAZING!!!!
    of course I feel as if I am 10 years behind and need to make them all
    Kathie the Diva wannabe!!!!


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