Saturday, May 28, 2011


Let’s have a give-away!  I have a charm pack of 27 fabrics from Windham Fabrics up for grabs.  The designer is Anna Griffin and the pattern is Sloane.  You can see a full line up of the fabrics at Windham's website here.  Below is a lousy photograph of the pack taken by yours truly. 

Sloane Charm Pack

Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to turn off the flash feature on my little Canon PowerShot.  Consequently, I get a lot of reflected blurred flashes on the some of my photos.  But you get the idea, right?

Anyway, for a chance to win this wonderful charm pack, just leave a comment below telling me what you are doing or did during the Memorial Day weekend of May 28-30.  Had a picnic?  Played softball with your buddies?  Visited family?  Stayed home and quilted?  Or just watched cable TV?  On Tuesday, May 31st, I will put your names in a little wicker basket and draw the winner.
Good luck!

Don't forget to remember all our military men and women who have served or are currently serving our country.  Thinking of you Grandad!  (Navy WWII)



  1. Hello, I'm from Germany and I know that American soldiers together with others brought freedom to Europe long time ago!! Thanks to all of them!!
    And our plan: we'll have our wedding anniversary this weekend (38y!)!!!
    Greetings from Regina

  2. Hello! You're 2 out of 2 for comments from Canada! I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This weekend is a combo of fence building (I only hold the boards), planting flowers and hopefully a little quilting!

  3. We are going to be sprucing up the outdoors in prep for a graduation party next week.
    We also always bring flowers to the cemetery to remember loved ones who have passed on and of course, we honor our service men and women this weekend too.

  4. My youngest son came up for a visti, so it's lots of cooking and hanging out with him. Weather isn't cooperating for a warm day out, so we'll be indoors. I had the guys move out a futon and move in a new couch into the takers for painting though :P

  5. We are getting together with the grown children tomorrow for a wonderful family dinner!

  6. Let's it rain, went to the quilt shop to sign up for Primitives of the Midwest and get more fabric for my Quilts of Valor quilt. Going out to supper with friends tonight. Hope your weekend is all that you hope it to be!

  7. I did some quilting today and tomorrow my family will be traveling to a city four hours away to relax. Thanks!

  8. I give my husband hemodialysis five days a week, so Sunday and Monday we will dialyze together. Saturday I visited our local quilt shop to get a gift for a high school graduate. Today we had our family barbecue and watched the Memorial Day concert on TV. What an inspiring program. We have had rather nasty weather here, so campers in the nearby mountains have had rain and snow. I'm happy to have a roof over us this weekend. God bless all our military,and thank you for making our country free.

  9. Well, here in Utah it is snowing, so we are just hanging out together and counting our blessings.


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