Friday, March 4, 2011


I have not been very productive this week.  Must be a bad case of the blahs!  I can show you the Brackman Civil War Quilt blocks made thus far on the design board.  I am ready for block #10 tomorrow.

CWQ Blocks Mar 1

Also, I am cutting out a small wallhanging medallion quilt, a Jo’s Little Women Club project from Part 9 that was issued in 2010 I think.

Medallion fabrics
The fabric is so cool and I can’t wait to start sewing.  It was inspired by a quilt from the International Quilt Study Center (IQSC), University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  If you love antique quilts and have not yet visited the IQSC website, I urge you to do so by clicking HERE.  Browse through their collection for inspiration and for the love of old quilts.

Ranger is scheduled for his annual belly-shaving excursion to the veterinarian’s office on Monday.  This picture is from last Spring after the haircut.

Ranger Bald Spot

Note the bald spot on his chest.  Because he absolutely will not let me or anyone else groom him, and because his fur mats up easily, we have to have the vet “knock him out” and shave his underbelly and neck to keep the mats from forming.   Ranger will not be a happy camper come Monday but it’s his own grouchy fault.  Never, NEVER will I have a long haired cat again.

Itching to be stitching,


  1. I've only had one long-haired cat, had Ella for just on 18 years. She's been gone a while now, but during the summers I used to have her belly shaved too by the vet nurses, but she really enjoyed being brushed, which was a bonus! I think the crouchy thing is a Persian cat thingy, sometimes Ella would get the 'pips' and really let you know about it LOL! I don't miss the fur on everything though, that is the only downside to a long-haired cat!!! Aside from that Ranger is very handsome indeed!

  2. oh love your blocks so far!
    sorry he had to be shaved but I fully understand why!
    he is a beautiful cat

  3. Your blocks are really coming along well.

    Poor Ranger....... Our Maltese is of the same temperament. I wonder how they would survive in the wild..............


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