Saturday, February 26, 2011


I’ve got two blocks to show you today.  Earlier in the week, I finished the 6” block called “Southern Notes” for the Civil War Diary quilt.

Southern Notes
Many fewer pieces than the last CWD block I made, called "Alarming Conditions" because of the alarming condition it caused when one triangle was the wrong fabric!

Today, I made the No. 9 block, “Birds in the Air” from Brackman’s 2011 Civil War quilt using my red, cream and blue color scheme.  However, the red was too bright so I sprayed it with a product called “Distress It” that makes it appear darker in color (like tea staining) so it would look more antique.

9 Birds in the Air

I kept sewing the smaller half-square triangles in the wrong direction but finally got it laid out right.  Otherwise, it was an easy peasy block.

"Distress It" antiquing spray is an interesting product.  I first saw it mentioned in Quilter's Home Magazine a couple of years ago.  Can't remember where I ordered it -- several brain cells have died since then, but here is a before and after photograph.  Before is the top triangle.

After is the bottom triangle.  It is a subtle change but if I wanted it darker, I would spray it again after the first time dried.

Went out tonight for a Tex-Mex dinner with my family to celebrate my mother’s 79th birthday.  She doesn’t look or act 79 – she’s a very young 79 and we love her.  She loves flowers and birds, so this vintage card is in her honor.

                        Image from

And sew it goes,


  1. Donna, both your blocks turned out well - I am intrigued about the spray you put on the bright fabric to dull it - haven't heard of it here, but what ever it does, it worked well!!
    Hope your Mum had a great birthday!!!

  2. Your blocks are terrific! The Distress It looks good without making it too dark.

    Happy birthday to your mom!


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