Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Blue Basket and T Blocks + First Rose

The block of the week for Brackman’s Civil War Quilt is #13, Little Blue Basket.  A photo of mine is posted below.

13 little blue basket right

I decided to add the basket handle and I’m glad I did.  To stabilize the bias edge of the half square block before stitching on the basket handle, I spray starched liberally.  Fortunately, it held the shape of the half square very well and everything matched up perfectly when I stitched it to the body of the basket. 

All the blue fabrics are from a charm pack of Brackman’s Civil War Reunion.  Since I prewashed the 5” charms, they now only measure 4 1/2” square so I could only get 4 HST from each charm square.  Therefore, I have three different blue fabrics but the color ways all went well together.  Next time I buy a charm pack (this was my first), I will NOT pre-wash them!  Lesson learned.

Although I have not started my red and white T-Block quilt project yet, I just had to make some test blocks to see how pretty the block was going to be.  First I did a 4” finished block and discovered that handling all those teeny, tiny pieces were a bit difficult for my big clumsy hands, so I tried the 6” finished block next.

t block 4in 6 in

It was much easier to handle, so I will be going with the 6” blocks instead.  It will make my quilt a little larger but not too large.  Because I’m going to the 6” block, I will not be able to use the same red fabric throughout the whole quilt.  So a scrappy red and white it will be.  That is after I machine quilt the Keystone Medallion. 

Guess I better get back to work, but before I do, let me share with you a picture of the first rose from my Souvenir de la Malmaison  rose bush.  Wish I could upload the wonderful fragrance as well.  We need "smell-a-blog."



  1. Your little basket block is very cute, I love how you have used slighty different blues in the block, adds to the visual interest!!!
    On the washing thingy! I always pre-wash, and yes even charm squares! I figure it's better to shrink before I make the block than after I have spent all that time making the block! Because eventually the quilt will get a wash! It's a personal thing! also the fabric shrinks more width ways than length ways, I'm always afraid of the blocks shrinking and becoming distorted! But I don't want to start a war on washing and not washing LOL!!! In the end you have to be happy with the results!!! BTW I may have to add a handle as well, and try and retro fit the ends of the handles into the seam, I think the handle adds a more visually balanced block!!!

  2. I like your basket block with the handle...when I get around to making mine, I will add a handle as well. Love your fabrics!

  3. The T blocks will be perfect and scrappy will keep you from getting bored;)
    The basket block is so cute!


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