Wednesday, February 9, 2011


First of all, I was beginning to run low on the red star on cream background fabric I’m using in my Brackman Civil War Blocks so an Internet search for more of it ensued. 
star fabric sample
You just can’t imagine how many different fabrics are out there with red and cream stars!  But never the right one!  I searched off and on for a week or so without any luck.,,,, and many MANY more through Google search.  No luck.  In the meantime there was a thread running in the Small Quilt Talk Yahoo Group about good on-line sources for 19th century reproduction fabric.   Someone mentioned that Homestead Hearth had a wonderful selection of repro fabrics.  I had never ordered from them before but heard a lot of good things about them on another Yahoo group, so I hopped onto their web page and did a search.  VOILA!  They had what I needed and wanted, or at least it looked like it from the photo on their web page.  I ordered 3 yards (surely that will be enough) and it arrived today.  A perfect match.  It was the right one.  That’s a relief.  It’s been washed and dried so it’s ready to use when needed.
Working on three or four projects at a time causes chaos in the sewing room, especially with all the scrappy blocks I like to make.  This is what it looked like yesterday afternoon.

Feb 11 cutting table - Copy

feb 11 ironing surface
Feb 11 sewing table
Every flat surface is covered up with stuff, but mostly fabric.  I can’t stand it anymore!  I’m working on it a little at a time all through the day so I don’t have to face all of it at once.  The cutting table is almost cleared off, but I need to get back in there to work on it some more.  Therefore, I leave you with this message:  “Sewing: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.  ~ Author Unknown (although I’m tempted to claim it).
So signing off for now to clean – yuck!  Before I do, here is another vintage Valentine image from Graphics Fairy.


  1. Actually I need two sewing rooms LOL!!! One for storage and one to play in!! Sometimes the clutter in my sewing room makes me feel frustrated, but hey! you just have to go with it sometimes, glad you found the fabric you were looking for!

  2. Donna I really understand the frustration of an online fabric search. I am in Burleson and going home today, My sweet daughter will drop me off at Country Stitches while she and kiddos run their errands. If I happen to see your red stars on cream I will comment again! Of course you have probably already looked there since you live in the area. Every trip to visit includes Country Stitches!

  3. I can really relate to working on 4 or 5 projects at a time! There's no way you can keep your sewing room tidy!


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