Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It’s a little less than a week before Valentine’s Day.  Therefore, for the next week, I am sharing images of Victorian era Valentine cards.  This one is courtesy of THE GRAPHICS FAIRY.cupid-valentine-graphicsfairy007I agree with Jane Goodall’s quote -- "I have found that to love and be loved is the most empowering and exhilarating of all human emotions."  Thank you Sweetie for letting me love and be loved by you.
Currently I am in a battle with my EQ5!  I want to import photographs of my Civil War Quilt blocks of the week onto a grid something like this:

 However, my JPEG photos must be BTMP photos to work in EQ5.  I found a page to convert my JPEG photos to BTMP but I’m still not able to import the changed photo to the grid.  This will take some more fiddling around in EQ to figure out.  If anyone out there in blog-land knows how to do this, email me privately.
Sew until next time,


  1. When you find out Donna, let me know LOL, sometimes EQ can frustrating as handy as it is most of the time!!!

  2. I gave up trying to do the same. Did manage to import but they looked terrible so I quit trying.


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