Saturday, January 15, 2011

Singer Sewing Manual Advice 1949

Get a load of this excerpt from a 1949-era Singer Sewing Machine manual:

Singer Sewing Hints
The Quilt Show Blog shared this little gem with its members.  Paragraph two of this excerpt is soooo funny.  I NEVER do any of that stuff.  Housekeeping chores come last in my schedule of priorities.  I often sew in my sweats.   Comfort before beauty.   My husband would be shocked if he came home with me all dressed up like the manual suggests.  Do I even have a dress in my closet that fits anymore?  Since I quit working seven years ago, my dress code relaxed tremendously.
Aren’t we glad things have loosened up in the 21st century?
And so it goes,


  1. thank goodness we have loosened up! can you imagine living like that now?
    not me!!!!
    have a great weekend

  2. Donna, I grew up in the 40's and I can remember my Mother doing those things.

    I am off to clean up the kitchen so I can sew! LOL

  3. I read a book on Singer and it was very interesting. The sewing companies had a hard time selling machines to they wanted the husband happy -- and back in 49 if the dishes or beds were undone they would not have been happy. So really it made sense. In the beginning sewing was seen as widows works and to buy a home machine was to take food out of the widows childrens mouths. Crazy huh????? Glad Singer and the other companies were so aggressive and stuck with it so long.

  4. So funny...I sometimes have a pajama day and sew or read all day. We certainly have our priorities in order now, don't we? Thanks for sharing.

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