Wednesday, December 8, 2010



This year the Johnson County Quilting Guild plans a Secret Santa exchange at our annual Christmas party.  I don’t know the person whose name I drew but her info sheet said her favorite color was pink and she liked batiks.  With that in mind, I made this scissor keeper to go with a new pair of 4 1/2” pink and black scissors.

Scissor Keeper

You just make a quilt sandwich, then quilt it and cut out a circle to fit the scissors size.  Sew on the binding (which is the hardest part because of the curve). Fold the bound circle like a cone, leaving an opening at the top and hand stitch the overlapped flap to the bottom flap.

I made the bow out of the same fabric after testing several different buttons as embellishment.  The bow looks much better than any of the buttons I chose.  It’s a fun and easy project that just took me a couple of hours to make, from fabric search to bow-finish.  Isn’t it cute?

Unfortunately, I won’t be at the guild party because my niece has completed her nurse training and is being pinned at the same time!  Sweet niece always comes first.  Congrats new R.N. graduate!  Now I can call you with any medical questions, right?


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