Sunday, December 5, 2010


Thanks to a cold and/or allergies that turned into bronchitis, there was little sewing done this past week.  Sweetie and I both have been down with it, whatever it is.  But in the last couple of days, when I felt good enough to sit down a short while to sew, I managed to finally get all the machine applique finished, the blocks sewn together, the inner border and two sides of the outer border put together.  It’s amazing what can get done in such short spurts of sewing.

2 outer borders best

I made one change on the green leaves.  I never liked the tone on tone green fabric ones.  They were just too blah for my taste.  Since I had enough of the green with red holly berries fabric left, I decided to cut out more leaves from that fabric and cover the ugly one’s up before stitching any leaves down.  It worked!  I’m a much happier Quilting Bear Gal now. 

During the family Thanksgiving get together with Sweetie’s family, we were able to present my niece and her sweet baby boy with their quilt.

Julie Baby Quilt

Baby pretty much slept through the whole event, but Mom posed for me with the quilt and the snoozing baby.  The family loved that some of Momma K’s fabrics were in the borders.  Momma K was at the gathering but her Alzheimer’s is too advanced for her to realize the significance or, unfortunately, who the baby belonged to.

Hopefully I will feel more like blogging now that I am on the road to recovery.  Until next time,



  1. I LOVE your Christmas quilt! It's beautiful!!

  2. Donna, your Christmas quilt is amazing.

  3. What a beautiful Christmas quilt. I like your choice of leaves too.

  4. Love the Christmas quilt! Can you finish it before Christmas?


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