Friday, November 19, 2010



Deb Karasik of San Francisco taught a workshop for the Trinity Valley Quilt Guild this week featuring the pattern below:

LookManocurves11_lg          Look Ma No Curves

It was a wonderful class.  Deb’s sense of humor was contagious.  Visiting with her at lunch made all of us at the table laugh like crazy. In my opinion, she never met a spike she didn’t like.  Deb passed along hints about “floating” spikes and how to make a spectacular binding that even the toughest quilt judge would love.  She even has great tutorials and free patterns on her website, so take a look.

Here is my class project so far.


I didn’t get very far, not to mention the color misplacements and questionable point length on one spike.  I’ve got to go back and see what I did and what I should have done before I go to the next section, or for that matter, decide to unsew this one in order to fix it.

I mentioned in one of my Houston Quilt Festival posts that I LOVE Cherrywood hand-dyed cotton fabrics.  Well I spent a lot of money buying Cherrywood yardage and bundles at the Festival with this project in mind. So far I’m loving the technique and the fabric chosen but need to concentrate on my Christmas project first before pressing forward on with my spikey project.

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  1. Donna, you are right...Deb is a very talented, funny lady!! I really enjoyed her talk today at guild! She donated one of her books to our library..I didn't see you at the meeting...did I miss you, or were you not there??

  2. Glad to hear you liked your class. Our guild is having her speak and teach that class in January. I saw her in Asilimar and thought she would be a fun teacher.

    (I love cherrywood fabrics too.)


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