Friday, October 8, 2010

New Quilt and Craft Books Added to Library

Last weekend’s trip to Half Price Books yielded two “new” books for my collection.  Please forgive the photo on my first book.  My scanner is not working under my new Windows 7, so I had to go another route.

American Graphic Quilt Designs by Dolores A. Hinson (1983),“A historical study of one-of-a-kind classic quilts—their motifs, colors and the events that influenced their makers.”

American Graphic Quilt Designs It covers appliqué designs for mostly antique Baltimore album quilts, with no color illustrations other than the front and back covers.  Great history and designs.

The other is totally different, Sewing With Vintage Linens by Samantha McKinley

sewing vintage linens

It has projects for garments, pillows, quilts, stuffed toys, using old embroidered dresser scarves, tablecloths and such.  I would happily use some of my vintage linens for such projects, but only the ones that have a stain or other damage on some part of it.  No way would I cut up a perfect vintage item. 

Quilting is almost complete on my Pumpkins for Sale wall hanging.  The bobbin thread ran out last night in the wee hours before I could finish the borders so I stopped there before I got too tired and started messing up.

IMG_2889Yes, it’s sideways here, but you can see the grid quilting in the center part pretty well.

We at the Quilting Bear Gal household (well maybe not so much our cat) are looking forward to Game 3 of the Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays tomorrow.  Win another one and we advance to the next playoff round.  Go Rangers!


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