Friday, October 29, 2010


Monday night the Johnson County Quilting Guild meeting featured speaker Barb Clark.   Barb is an avid quilter as well as an enthusiastic blogger.  You can read her entertaining blog at Just Sayin Sew.  I highly recommend that you check it out if you like quilts, laughs, travel, and cats (she has two of them).


Barb podium


She talked about the “Dear Jane” quilt phenomena based on a quilt made by Jane Stickle in 1863 and pictured below.


original DJ quilt from archives


The 4 1/2” blocks and triangle border blocks were drafted from the original quilt for a book by Brenda Papadakis.  The Dear Jane book is widely available at and quilt shops.


Barb showing DJ book


To learn more about this amazing quilt, visit the Dear Jane website here.

Barb, a DJ club leader at Quilter’s Dream quilt shop, showed guild members several examples made by club members and others, including a traditional setting with a scalloped border,


DJ triangles closer


this cute non-traditional red, green and black wall hanging,

dj wall hanging


one featuring DJ blocks with beautiful non-DJ applique images (my apologies for the blurry images and head shots – I did the best I could within a meeting setting but you get the idea),


applq and dj blurry


a starry version with crazy quilt border,

crazy q border


one made from “reject” blocks that the makers did not want to put into their own quilts that were assembled and presented to the DJ book’s author,



a festive Christmas color-theme wallhanging,


red green dj small


a patriotic red, white and blue one,


red white blue dj


a red and white wallhanging featuring just 12 DJ blocks (once again, sorry for the blur),

red white blurry


DJ blocks in a strippy setting,

strippy dj


and her own DJ work in progress featuring a  unique color way on black backgrounds.

Barb black bg blocks


Barb even showed a quilt featuring signature blocks exchanged with members of the Dear Jane internet group, some might even say DJ “cult” (LOL).


DJ Siggie q


I, too, began this DJ journey five or six years ago, but after making about 30 DJ blocks, I decided I just wasn’t an adequate quilter to make these tiny blocks.  I’d only been quilting for a year or less when I started them and they weren’t the best sewing I’ve ever done.  Many of my blocks could be included into a “rejects” quilt. I need to go back to look at them, then salvage the best blocks to make into a “Baby Jane” sized quilt.  Barb’s program inspired me and I’m sure other members of the Guild.


meeeting peggy susan phyllis

Peggy, Susan, Phyllis and others at Guild meeting

On a completely different note, i.e. baseball, my Texas Rangers lost the first two games of the World Series against the San Francisco team, but they have a chance to fix that since it’s a best of seven games series.

pumpkin_rangers_scriptPumpkin Stencils from


Come on dear Rangers!  It’s not over ‘til it’s over!


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  1. Thanks for such a great pictorial of the evening, Donna! I had fun and am happy that you did too. Now put together those DJ blocks that you made and make a quilt. Then go make some more! Hugs, Barb


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