Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hoppin’ to the (Quilt) Shop

This past weekend was the annual Fall North Texas Shop Hop among several quilt shops in the area.  I spent a few hours at Country Stitches in Burleson on Friday during the Hop.

D’Andra had snacks,


Snack Table


quilt kits and door prizes,

Display and Kits

Prize and Kits


cool Americana-themed decorations, and best of all, this wonderful “American Pride” quilt made using various block patterns handed out at each shop.

Shop Hop Q

It is gorgeous!  She has it kitted up for those who want it “just like theirs.”  Glenda S’s inner border design with the 3” baby stars is a show stopper.

While I was hanging out at the quilt shop, Ranger was doing this –snoozing on our bed.




Not a care in the world.


sleeping close


Not until I came home and starting taking his picture.


leave me alone

Hey Mom, leave me alone -- NOW.


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