Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remodeling Blues

Remodeling a bathroom is quite a mess, especially in an older house built in the early 1960s.  Nothing lines up with the new fixtures, plumbing stuff is worn out and has to be replaced, and it’s just plain old going to take longer than anticipated (so what else is new).


The ceramic tile and sink are gone (they were an icky pink beige color) along with the flooring.


Also the corner shower  was removed with a new pan installed.

Unfortunately, the traffic in and out of my house to the bathroom passes right through my sewing room so I am limited in what I can do in there.  Guess I better lay out my Hexagon Stars blocks and start sewing them together.

After the workmen left, I did manage to make two more very easy Civil War Diary blocks:

Meeting Gen Lee                                            Meeting General Lee

Games Music Knitting                                   Games, Music and Knitting

I may have to set up my Baby Blue Kenmore (which is lightweight my workshop machine) to work on more blocks at the dining room table if the urges to sew gets too strong.

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