Friday, June 11, 2010

More Civil War Diary Blocks

I’ve made a couple more Civil War Diary blocks.

Mail Delivery (2)                                                    Mail Delivery

Feeding the Troops 2

                                              Feeding the Troops


I’m currently working on Conscript Law in pink, brown and cream fabrics.  You can see from the small pieces on Feeding the Troops, I had to paper piece.  Thank goodness I have the CD that relates to this quilt to print out the paper piecing drawings.  Paper piecing is a whole ‘nother mind-set.  It’s like you have to figure how to do it backwards and side-ways, then make sure your fabric covers the entire area it’s supposed to.  Not my favorite piecing method but serves its purpose on these small pieces.

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  1. Your stripes sure line well.....


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