Sunday, June 6, 2010

I’m in a New Mexico State of Mind


Just returned for a one-week vacation in northern New Mexico and wishing I was back there after dealing with the north Texas temperatures the last couple of days! 

Ranger helped pack for our trip.  We couldn’t do it without him.


Ranger Suitcase

Taos was our first stop.  The air is so clean and fresh, and the artistic atmosphere so stimulating there.  If we could, we would live there three months out of the year.


Poppy Close 

Poppies 2 close 

Beautiful poppies were blooming everywhere along with other plants.

Memorial Day weekend happens to be a big motorcycle rally weekend for Red River which flows over into Taos.  There were thousands of them!!!!  The peace and quiet was somewhat disturbed as you can imagine, but we couldn’t fault them for wanting to be there just as we were.   However, a note to self – don’t go on Memorial Day weekend again!!!!


Abiqui Inn  Ladder

Abiqui Mitch

We spent one day in Abiqui taking a tour of the artist  Georgia O’Keeffe’s studio and home. 

Okeeffe studio

We visited her Ghost Ranch location a couple of years ago but couldn’t take the Abiqui studio tour without reservations well in advance.  Consequently,  I made these reservations a couple of months ago.  Unfortunately, photographs were not allowed.  The view of the valley and mountains from her studio window was breathtaking.

I’ll post more photos next time.

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