Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Someone in the SmallQuiltTalk Yahoo Group requested help with the Civil War Diary Quilt based on Rosemary Youngs book by the same name.


That called to mind that I had that book along with the accompanying CD that contains cutting and paper piecing instructions for each block. I pulled out my notebook containing pages with some of the patterns printed out and the blocks completed so far. I discovered I had only done four blocks before I put it aside. Most of them are very intricate and time consuming, all measuring 6 1/2” unfinished.

Crazy me, I’m in the mood to start back up again. My goal is to piece at least two per week – one simple strip piecing and the other paper piecing. So I rejoined the CWD Yahoo Group for support and inspiration.

Here’s a photo of the one I made last night called Special Blessings:

Special Blessings

Here are the previous four I completed:

Robbers Robbers

Bitter Enemy Bitter Enemy

Troops Arriving Troops Arriving

Lincoln's TelegraphLincoln’s Telegraph

I know it’s crazy, I don’t need to pick up this project again right now with so many others going, but I just can’t help myself! What’s a crazy Quilting Bear Gal to do?

These are my most recent hand-pieced hexagon stars :

Hand pcd stars

Last but not least, this is the uninvited visitor Ranger, the stalking cat, brought in earlier in the week

Lizard Looking

It wasn’t a little gecko! It was this green thing that ended up in my den window. It took two days to catch him but finally we did. He’s gone now, thank goodness.

The cat is now locked outside on his patio after it gets dark. We don’t want any more visitors like this!

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  1. Love your Civil War diary blocks. Another quilt to add to my bucket list!


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