Friday, May 7, 2010

Finished One, Still Hand Piecing Another, and Ranger, the Mad Cat

It’s done – my Jo Morton Stitchers’ Crib Toile quilt challenge is quilted, bound, labeled, and washed.

Crib Toile Draped 2

It’s currently draped over the back of our love seat in the den to be admired.

Crib Toile Label

I made this label for it on the computer using a vintage Climax Sewing Machines image (from the 19th century) with a text box next to it containing the pertinent information. The Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon 100% cotton batting washed and dried up just the way we (Jo Morton and I) like it – crinkly and vintage-looking.

Also, I’m adding a photos of my most recently hand-pieced hexagon stars. There’s only about 20 star left to piece before I can start sewing the stars together.


Cheddars Madders

On a completely different note, my poor cat suffered a indignant, traumatic episode last week. He had to go to the vet to be sedated so that his matted belly hair could be shaved off. Ranger is a cranky dude sometimes, particularly if you try to brush his fur. He hates it, it won’t stand still for it, and he’ll punish you if you try. Even as a kitten, he wouldn’t allow any grooming. Consequently, he gets his belly hair all matted up when Spring begins to arrive while shedding his Winter coat.

Ranger Bald Spot See the bald spot below the white hair on his chest/neck? It’s that way all the way down his tummy from stem to stern. He’s got plenty of fur left everywhere else, though.

The vet said Ranger was angry when he woke up and he never stopped growling. Fortunately, he didn’t take his bad temper out on us when we got him home. He sulked for a while but was back to normal within 30 hours.

Too bad he doesn’t understand that he wouldn’t have to go through this indignity every Spring if he would just let me run the brush through his hair every once in a while, but that would be too easy.


  1. Love the Jo Morton crib quilt. And Ranger is a beautiful cat. We don't have one since dh is allergic but I enjoy petting other people's kitties.

  2. Love this post! Just delightful!


  3. Donna, Ranger IS a cutie! I won't tell him that you enjoyed the pics of Boo.... thanks for your comments! Barb


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