Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crib Toile Challenge Top Complete


                                                38” X 46” Crib Toile

The Crib Toile quilt top is complete and ready for quilting.  I’ve cut and ironed the backing fabric, just waiting for the Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon cotton batting to “relax” before making the quilt sandwich. 

Close Corner

                                                 CLOSE UP CORNER

The only problem I had was the sawtooth border – getting the half square triangles turned correctly involved several applications of the trusty seam ripper.  It still didn’t come out right, but it’s at least presentable.  I easily get confused/turned-around on directional pieces when looking at the pattern and trying to lay it out correctly.  My husband is a big help in most cases because he’s very detail oriented and can spot something out of position with a quick glance.  Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t work that way and I did most of the sewing during the night while he was asleep.

I’ll go ahead and post the finished top in the Jo’s Stitcher’s Yahoo Group Crib Toile Challenge photo album.   It was fun!

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